ESP Spares & Other Services

  • From last two decades we have been indulged in the business of ESP Inspection, Maintenance and Spare parts supply to all over India in various Power plant including Government projects like NTPC, DVC, BHEL, WBPDCL etc.
  • We are specialized in such jobs and maintaining a good relationship with our clients.
  • Our experts through the years of serving the industry have gained substantial knowledge and experience in handling and solving all problems regarding ESP as well as supplying all necessary spare parts. During the ESP inspection, Engineers perform internal  inspections during shutdown of the ESP. This helps in predictive maintenance plans and also helps to identify areas requiring attention or causing problem, thus rectifying  those issues.

ESP Components we cover:

— Collecting Electrodes.

— Discharge/Emitting Electrodes.

— Gas Distribution Screens.

— Rapping Mechanism.

— Insulators.

— Heating Elements.

— Panels and Switches.