Main characteristics

Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) a permanently sealed enclosure, filled with SF6, filling the entire device and busbars in a compact unit. This distribution units has the option of being extended, and it includes one of our functions: switch and/or fuse-switch, either separate or combined.

Gas insulated switchgear (GIS) provides the connection between the Medium Voltage power network’s underground cables and the board’s busbars on single bypass networks, lead-through networks and double bypass networks. It allows a Medium Voltage/Low Voltage substation transformer to be powered and protected by fuses.

  • 400 A or 630A three-core busbar extendable to the right, left or both
  • Three-position switch/disconnecters, with cut-off in SF6
  • Rated voltage: 24 kV or 36kV
  • Rated current: 400 A or 630 A
  • Protection rating: IP 67 for MV


  • Compact board due to Gas Insulated Switchgear technology
  • Plain and animated function (real time function position)
  • Guaranteed safety with a 3-position switch-disconnecter
  • Patented breaker technology with reduced arc time
  • Permanently sealed manual or remote controlled SF6 device
  • Full range of single-line options up to 4 units
  • Maintenance free, increased service continuity and reliability
  • Improved safety through optimised internal arc management